Issue with joining features with table by multiple columns

03-03-2020 11:52 AM
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I am having an issue with joining polygon feature shape file (A_lines) with a table (Table_1) by multiple columns and not sure which tool to use in ArcGIS 10.4 in the model builder environment. The shape file has 1743000 rows and the table has 11683 rows. The fields I need to join exist in both polygon shape (A_lines) file and table (Table_1). The field names I need to join are (DIV, STATE,POL_NUMBER,CROP,COUNTY). 

Basically, I need to select all the polygons from A_lines shape file that are matching with the fields (DIV, STATE,POL_NUMBER,CROP,COUNTY) in the Table_1.

Can somebody suggest me the correct tool or series of tools to achieve this in ArcGIS 10.4 in model builder environment? 

I tried using the Make a Query Table tool but was not successful in outputting the table or to select the polygons in the A_lines shape file. 

Thank you and appreciate any help.

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What I usually do is create a new column that combines all the columns you need to join by.  This creates a unique key that you can then join on.

Hope that helps.

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Hello.  Data Interoperability extension has a transformer - FeatureMerger - that will join the shapefile and your other table using multiple columns.  You can obtain an evaluation of the extension if you do not already have it.

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