Is there anyway to customize date picker with python?

05-09-2018 09:08 AM
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I need to customize date picker in a script toolbox so base on the input data, user could pick a date or different dates to do some process.

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Python only interfaces with tools in arctoolbox in that it can call a tool.  Or there is the arcpy module and there is no reference to data picker.  Perhaps you had better clarify or show what it is you need.  

Did you get a reference somewhere that python could be used? or were you just hoping to use python?

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I think you are referring to what's known as a comb-box: a pick list that is pre-populated with values.  (Think attributes domains values).  I've used them in python addins, but I've not used hem in a script tool.  However, check this out:  arcpy - Choosing string from dropdown list rather than typing it into Python script tool? - Geograph... It describes:

Set the data type to string and change the filter type from None to Value List. Here you can add in all the values you want to see in a drop down list.

Additionally, see:

Setting script tool parameters—Help | ArcGIS Desktop 

Setting script tool parameters—Geoprocessing and Python | ArcGIS Desktop 

That should just about do it....