Is there a way to lock the agoTools scripts to organization content only?

07-06-2017 10:03 AM
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I've been working with some of the samples within agoTools and seem to be running into a bit of an issue, particularly when trying to search for groups using the I added a bit to the script that ensures I am pointed to the correct AGO organization URL, however, when I search for some of the more generic group titles (i.e. GIS Testing Group), I am getting a group in another external organization because public groups seem to be treated as though they are content in our organization.


https://<our_org> (It's our org address but not a group ID from our org. The group ID is of one shared to everyone by another user/org.)

Is there any way to exclude any content that actually owned by our org? Like making sure the group is an item of the orgID? I've also tried turning off the search capabilities within our organization so that members are unable to search externally but that didn't seem to matter which I think has to do with needing to be an admin in order to use the agoTools.

My apologies if this is something obvious that I am missing and thank you in advance for any suggestions!

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