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Is there a way to create sddraft file for an existing feature service?

04-19-2023 12:30 PM
New Contributor

I have some feature services in stand-alone servers and portals. Now I want to create a arcgis pro toolbox to publish feature service automatically. The idea is that users define the existing feature service in one of the servers and also specify the destination server they want it to be. The tool is going to publish the feature service to destination with same all sharing configurations as the existing one.

I understand that I need to create a sddraft file, stage it and upload, but to keep the same configurations, should I get the sddraft file of the existing feature service to start? if I cannot find its sddraft file, is it possible to generate a sddraft file for the exisitng feature service so that I can use it as reference for creating the new sddraft? I am a beginner of learning python and arcpy, any help is appreciated!

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