Is Python a nightmare when working with ArcGIS Pro?

04-22-2019 09:50 PM
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I am new to Python. Recently I had used Random Forest in ArcGIS Pro, but I wanted to use it directly using the Scikit-learn library. As I am new, so I started with Seagrass prediction tutorial to understand how the codes work.

When I use the built-in Python interface in ArcGIS Pro, it gave an error for the Scikit-learn library as it couldn’t find the package. I downloaded the Jupyter notebook and tried the initial libraries importing codes, given in the tutorial, but then the Arcpy package wasn’t found.

I have spent the last three days only resolving errors but in vain. I have tried almost every solution that I could find on webpages or blogs, but nothing worked.

Am I making some basic mistake or Python is perhaps a nightmare when working with ArcGIS Pro? Any help to resolve this basic issue would be appreciated.

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I didn't see mention of your cloned environment, but the inability to find scikit then arcpy suggests you haven't set up your environment as a clone via the instruction here

Python Package Manager—ArcPy Get Started | ArcGIS Desktop 

or more generally


If you intend to work with other packages make sure your environment is set up correctly.  Using 'conda' is usually the easiest if you are familiar with command line

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Hi Dan

I have tried it already. But every time the cloning process fails to create a new environment. And for the default clone, it's taking forever to complete the processing.

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Hey Raza, seems something is off with the state of your Pro install. Before trying an uninstall/reinstall, can you check what is returned when you (from the Python Command Prompt installed with ArcGIS Pro) run the following:

conda env list

You may find that there are a lot of conda environments in that list from failed attempts, try removing all but arcgispro-py3 using the following (do this for each of the bad environments):

conda env remove --name <bad_env> --all

Managing environments — conda 4.8.2.post14+e9a50561 documentation 

Then run conda proswap --name arcgispro-py3 and close the cmd window.

Open up pro and confirm that the current environment is set to arcgispro-py3

Check %localappdata%\ESRI\conda\envs and make sure there's nothing in there except proenv.txt. Open proenv.text and make sure that the path is the path\to\your\arcgispro-py3.

Also open the registry editor (press windows key then type regedit and open "Registry Editor") and make sure that HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ESRI\ArcGISPro\PythonCondaEnv is set to path\to\your\arcgispro-py3.

Go back to the Python backstage in ArcGIS Pro and try cloning again.

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