Is it possible to use the space-time pattern mining tools in Jupyter notebook without ArcPy?

07-26-2021 04:28 PM
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Hi! I need to run some code through my school's Cyber GIS Jupyter portal to analyze a raster dataset over time. I'm hoping to use the tools from the space-time pattern mining toolset  I used in ArcPro to analyze changes across multiple years of raster data. (Moving to Python because the Pro interface is ridiculously slow using these tools) I know ideally I would be using an Image Server through Portal, but it will apparently take several months for the school to finish building it.

I am able to import the arcgis python package, but I don't see the pattern mining tools anywhere. I'm wondering if there are either:

1) pattern mining tools compatible with the arcgis python package. If there are, could someone direct me to them, because I've been searching and can't find them.


2) If anyone could share how to install arcpy to Jupyter via Jupyter? I've uploaded arcpy  (which I downloaded here: and unzipped it, but nothing seems to be working. The following errors occur when I try to install using conda. If I could get it installed I could potentially use virtualenv to build an environment with compatible packages, but am hopeful that someone has a simpler solution. (Aside from not using Arc, which is what my CS prof is voting for, but I have a whole workflow in ArcPro that I'd love to be able to use.)



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A little Windows Explorer will lead you to the toolbox location

C:\..your_install_folder..\Resources\ArcToolBox\toolboxes\Space Time Pattern Mining Tools.tbx

import arcpy

is common, and when you import arcpy a valid license for arcgis pro is checked on the local machine (in the case of local machine install... principle is the same for other situations)

The scripts are located in the...


So arcpy is needed.. just have a look at

Arcpy can be installed but it has python requirements and environment requirements, which you can explore on your local machine.  So skipping arcpy is not in the plan at least which narrows your possible options.

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