Intersecting and Update Field Value to feature Class, How?

02-12-2017 06:37 PM
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Hello guys, I'm sorta new and would like to ask for advice on Arcpy.

I have 2 feature classes; wells(point) and city_boundary(polygon).  

I would like to write a script to see where the points fall or intersect each city boundary and return a specific value from the city boundary or return a specific coded value if that point  intersect a particular boundary.

Example:  If well(point) 505 falls/intersect in xyz boundary(polygon), return a value of xyz.  Then take the value of xyz

and update well(point) 505's City field/column with the value of xyz.   

I know I can manually do this, but there are thousands of well(point) and it also have new well(point) feature created everyday.  So this would save a lot of time by scripting it.

How would you guys approach this or the general workflow?  Thanks! 

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Have you ruled out putting your workflow into a model?  You indicate that you are new at this, so diving into python and arcpy and creating conventional or python toolbox tools wouldn't be my first recommendation

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You will need to Make Feature Layer out of both feature classes.  Then run the Select Layer By Location tool.  From there you can grab necessary data based on the selected layer with the SearchCursor function. 

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