Interactive selection Toggle Inside/Overlap

04-27-2017 03:33 PM
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New to ESRI and Python but have previous programming experience on CAD platforms.  Is it possible to access the function or method that controls the selection settings?  I would like to be able to toggle between selection "inside" mode an "overlap" via a tool button or function key.

My main difficulty is finding where this setting is being stored and what function is used to set it.  

Any help pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated. 


David G

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David, I think I have bad news for you. Most of the ArcMap user-interface settings like this are only available using ArcObjects .NET, unless they have been explicitly exposed to Python through arcpy.mapping methods and properties. The technology for this is to build a .NET addin. I've seen people connect Python to ArcObjects to do these kinds of things using PythonWin hooks into Windows APIs but it not well supported.

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Curtis,  Thank you.   Sounds like .NET is the preferred development tool for manipulating the UI.