integrate_management on shp files

07-07-2017 08:04 AM
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in my python script I have a parcels polygon shp file generated by CopyFeatures_management. I then want to close the gaps, where the roads are  between the individual polygons in the same shp file. From what I know the Integrate_management is what I need, however I can not get the tool to work.

can Integrate_management work on shp files?

If it can, could you provide an example. I have looked at the example on the integrate_management  page and still can not get the tool to run. please be specific and tell me if something like '60

 feet' vs '60 ft' will be the difference of it running or not.

If not, what other tool should I run to accomplish this? there are over 60,000 parcels/ polygons so it is way to large to do by hand.

Any help is appreciated, thank you.

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Hello Laura,

When I have trouble finding the correct Python syntax for a geoprocessing tool, my first inclination is to run the tool directly from the GP dialog, right-click the result in the results Window, and choose "Copy as Python Snippet." From there, you can paste it into your Python window or script and see the correct syntax, which you can use directly or modify for your needs within your geoprocessing script.

Anyways, I took a crack at it with a 2013 Columbia County, OR taxlot dataset. The correct syntax for me was:

arcpy.Integrate_management("taxlot13 #", "60 Feet")

As an aside: Integrate_management is a processing-intensive tool to run. I recommend first bringing your parcel FC into a scratch file geodatabase or maybe the in_memory workspace for better performance.

In general I have found that Integrate can you give you some weird, undesirable results. You may encounter this with your parcels. If so, I recommend trying out the answer marked correct on this GIS Stack Exchange thread:

arcgis desktop - Algorithm to fill the gaps adjacent to parcels - Geographic Information Systems Sta... 

It's a little complicated, but unfortunately some GIS data manipulation tasks just don't come with an easy button. 

Good luck; hope this helps.