Installing modules in Conda clone environment hangs

07-07-2021 10:37 PM
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I am using ArcGIS Pro 2.8 and recently tried to clone the default Conda environment to install several additional modules (rasterio, dask). 

Everything in the cloned environment works except when I go to install rasterio and dask (or any module) via the in-software ArcGIS Pro package manager the UI tells me the module is installing and then... nothing.

I've left the installing process on overnight and when I return it still says installing and nothing happens.

I've tried this exact same process on a second computer with same version of ArcGIS Pro and I get the same issue.

I've had success using the Python Command Prompt approach, but I need to share my plugin with people and would prefer they do the environment work using the in-software manager (it's less "scary").

Any advice?

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