In Pro 2.5, need to change network analysis layer source?

08-05-2020 02:35 PM
New Contributor III

When I use Make Route Analysis Layer, I can change the workspace so that feature dataset is written to the geodatabase I want, but don't see any option for the feature dataset name. I specify the layer name, and that layer is used when layer is added to Table of Contents, but the feature dataset has the name "Route1". Is there any way to change this? I tried to rename the feature dataset and then to Update the connection of the layer:

layer_object.updateConnectionProperties(layer_object.connectionProperties,WS + os.path.sep + RouteName), but while I don't get an error, the source for the layer is still the old feature dataset name (and since I use 'Rename' to change the feature data to the name I want, then nothing is displayed).

Anyone know how to change this default for the feature dataset name? or how to update the source if I use the 'Rename' command to change the name?


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