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Importing Time values from excel using append tool

05-13-2019 04:46 AM
New Contributor

I'm a newb and I'm trying to design a feature dataset for my geodatabase with domains and subtypes so I can catch errors in my data as I import it from excel. So far this has been working, but I hit a minor snag with my time field. I have an excel sheet that has time values (formatted as time values in excel - as 24 format) . When I run the append tool, it works, but since I have time values set to format "date" - it gives the year as 12/30/1899 - which is obviously wrong. Should I format the time cell in a different format (e.g. long, string, text) or would it make more sense to combine these two columns (date & time) in my original excel sheet and then import it that way? 

Or is there a way to combine these two fields in my feature class without having to alter my original excel sheet? 

Thank you! 

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