I am trying to upload a File geodatabase, but cannot publish in Portal 10.4.1

08-03-2016 02:59 AM
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I am uploading a File geodatabase using the new arcgis.gis API. Because my Portal is 10.4.1, I should be able to publish the contents of the file geodatabase as feature services. I can upload and publish a shape file, but with similar code, uploading a file geodatabase works, but publishing fails.

Here is the code for the uploading the file geodatabase: 

from arcgis.gis import *

gis = GIS("http://<myportalserver>/arcgis","<username", "<password>")

data = "C:\\temp\\fgdbtest.zip" # File geodatabase zipped up

item_properties = {}
item_properties ["type"] = "fileGeodatabase"  # I need the type definition, otherwise add did not work

fgdbdata = gis.content.add(item_properties, data)# this works, the item is uploaded

fgdbdata.publish() # ERROR:

I get an error that Nonetype has no attribute publish(), so obviously fgdbdata is empty or None. Yet almost the same code does work when uploading a shape file.

Does anyone have an example where a File geodatabase is uploaded as a new item and then the feature classes within published as feature services?



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Try using the type as "ZIP" or ".ZIP".

If that doesn't work, try doing the steps manually as mentioned in the following link "Publish the contents of a File Geodatabase".


Note: You can publish the following data types from an FGDB to a hosted feature layer

     i) Feature Classes (X and Y coordinates; M and Z coordinates will be dropped, if any)

     ii) Tables

     iii) Attachments

     iv) Relationship Classes

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Set the type as 'File Geodatabase', not 'fileGeodatabase':

item_properties = {}

item_properties['type'] = "File Geodatabase"

When publishing the item, specify a name without periods and spaces, eg:

fgdbdata.publish({'name' : 't3_Name_of_service'})

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Thanks a million, you saved my bacon, it works!

I spent hours on this so your reply is greatly appreciated!

Thanks again



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