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How to use Random Basic for UniqueValueRenderer in Python for ArcGIS Pro

03-29-2023 09:22 AM
by Anonymous User
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I am using the arcpy code from How To: Sort unique value symbology classes using values from a second field in ArcGIS Pro (  Instead of using the colorRamp, how do I use a color scheme such as "Random Basic" that is available in the symbology pane in ArcGIS Pro? I am symbolizing lines and sorting routes by their importance using another field other than the one I want to use for the symbol label.

Please point me to the reference page(s).  Thank you.

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by Anonymous User
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That method, p.listColorRamps() gets all colors that are in the project if you remove the wildcard.  From there, you can see the names of available color styles:

colors = p.listColorRamps()

for color in colors:
    print(f'color name: {}')

color name: Accent (8 Classes)
color name: Aspect
color name: Basic Random
color name: Bathymetric Scale
color name: Bathymetry #1
color name: Bathymetry #2
color name: Bathymetry #3
color name: Bathymetry #4

Your basic random is listed there... but since you are  you should be able to just use 'Basic Random'

colorRamp = p.listColorRamps("Basic Random")[0]


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That worked.  Thanks!

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