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How to limit number of features being processed in a GP service

10-12-2020 08:53 AM
by Anonymous User
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So I created a GP service where a user can extract data from a WFS and convert it into KML or shapefile. So when the user selects the layer they have the opportunity to select features with the select option from the GP tool service. The service has a limit set to 1000, but if I select more than 1000 feature it will still process more than 1000. So my issue is if the user forgets to select the features it will process the entire layer which has over a million features. The tool will just run and will take forever to finish. With 100 people using this service, I expect to have someone forget to select items and try to export everything by accident. As you can see this would cause a bad user experience and could slow down the server.

How would I go about this ?

  • Why is it selecting more than 1000 features if the limit on the service is set to 1000 ?
  • Would the best method be implementing a code in the Python script to do a row count and if it exceeds more than 5000 it will cancel the script?
  • I really don't want to start customizing the JavaScript of the widget.
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