How to disable featureset completly even draw option

10-02-2014 09:37 PM
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I need help in developing a python tool. I have few queries in FeatureSet datatype.

1) When i am using featureset in 10.2, it is giving options to draw on the map or to select some features from featureclass and it is the second parameter of the tool. My first parameter is a dropdownlist with options a) Select b) Create

So, here is it possible to enable only draw option disable select from feature layer when user selects create and only select option when user selects select option.(Based on the first parameter)

2) When i disabled the Featureset parameter in tool validator class, Only dropdown is getting disabled but still draw option is enabled for featureset. Is it possible to completely disable featureset as well as draw option of the featureset.

3) Is it possible to arrange multiple checkboxes horizontally in a tool.

i need help on this.

Thanks & Regards

V Srinivas

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