How to customize graphs using arcpy?

12-01-2017 10:15 AM
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When I manually create a graph (pie chart to be specific), I have numerous options to customize the graph. For example, I can choose the colors, whether or not to Add a Legend, and whether or not to Show Labels. However, when creating the graph on python, it seems that addSeriesPie does not allow for this customization. How can I go about this? 

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if you are using Python, why do you want to limit your exposure to the graphing world to what is offered within arc*?

If you are using python 2.7 and better still python 3, you have a whole buffet of widely used graphics engines.

MatPlotLib... Seaborn, Orange

Sorry, but with what is offered elsewhere, use builtins for quick-and-dirty pie and bar charts (or use Excel).... but for exploratory data analysis and high end visualization and publication quality software... use specifically designed programs

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