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How to create the value tables inside a parameter and access these value tables using arcpy

07-27-2023 01:45 AM
New Contributor III

I want to create the value tables inside the parameter and later want to access these value table to add the values according to my priority but i am not able to create value table inside the parameter .

I am adding an image for reference how i want to create the value table.


Same in the above image i want to create like this but i am not able to create it using arcpy , need support.

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The screen shot you included is not a value table.  I believe that Name, Operator, Type, Value, and Combine Using are all separate parameters for the tool and they have been given "Condition Barriers" as their category value.  Categorized parameters show up in drop-down groups like that.  Last I remember, categories are collapsed by default.

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