How to create overlapping Index Grid?

01-31-2018 08:30 AM
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I'm able to create a reasonable index grid using the Grid Index Features tool based on the extent of my study area. What I'm trying to figure out is how to create an index grid that has a percentage of overlap. The following is going to be used to generate a DTM using Topo to Raster . The source is contours for the entire Dar es Salaam at a 1m resolution from surveyed contours. When I last tried to run it using the full contour dataset as a single feature class it ran for 7 days at a 5m resolution.

Index Grid:

Overlapping Index Grid: 10%

DTM: 5m resolution

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I was looking at this the other day and managed to do it in ArcGIS Pro

Step 1 - Create Grid Index Features to requirements

Step 2 - Create Buffer based on requirements based on overlap

Step 3 - Run GP tool Feature Envelope to Polygon to make the Grid Square - this is the result layer




Hope that this solution helps

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Thank you for trying to help. I could be misunderstanding but I don't think adding a buffer is a workaround. What really needs to happen is the tiles need to get shifted inward in both the X and Y directions to create overlap. Adding a buffer to the makes the index tiles larger than the data frame. I don't think we want that to happen. Again, I could misunderstand what you're suggesting.

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