Has anyone successfully installed arcgis-server-py3 version 10.8.1 for Python 3.8 Anaconda on RHEL 7?

07-12-2021 01:50 PM
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I have to install the arcpy libs for raster data processing and need to use Python 3.8.x to do so due to security guides. Has anyone successfully installed the arcgis-server-py3 package?

Here is a list of what has been completed thus far:

Installed into "base" env: conda install requests-toolbelt-0.9.1-py_0.tar.bz2 conda install requests_ntlm-1.1.0-py_0.tar.bz2 conda install ntlm-auth-1.4.0-py_0.tar.bz2

Has to be offline due to disconnected network: conda config --set offline True

Create new env: conda create --clone base --name arcgis_python3

Install arcgis and arcgis-server-py3: conda activate arcgis_python3 conda install arcgis-1.8.5-py38_1783.tar.bz2 conda install arcgis-server-py3-10.8.1-py36_14362.tar.bz2

Added environment variable: export ARCGISHOME="///*/arcgis/server/"

Once all of the install steps have been completed, I run python and attempt to import arcpy - there are no install errors, but Python complains it cannot find arcpy even though it is installed.

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The times I've encountered this I resolved the issue by reloading the variables with . ~/.bashrc . Of course, in my case I was editing the .bashrc file to set the ARCGISHOME variable. 

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Looking at https://anaconda.org/Esri/arcgis-server-py3/files, there is no package for Python 3.8.  In fact, for ArcGIS 10.8.1, Esri packages and support Python 3.6.  I am not sure how you are installing a Python 3.6-depedent package into a Python 3.8 environment without errors.  I don't think what you are trying to do is supported, I am fairly sure your Conda environment outside of ArcGIS Enterprise/Server needs to be at the same version of Python that is bundled with ArcGIS Enterprise, which is Python 3.6.x for 10.8.1.