Geometric Network Trace. The results are not sorted

11-22-2018 07:25 AM
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Hi all,

we have a water pipe network and we are running a geometric trace (find_path) in a model builder. The result is a selection of data for lines and junctions from the initial dataset. The received results are correct but not in the right order. We have tried to sort this data by using a spatial sort method, i.e. using the sort tool, selecting the shape attribute of the lines and sort them with the option LL (Low Left).

The results are not always what we expected, because it depends on how the initial data are created.

Can you please provide any ideas on how to sort the trace results data? It doesn't have to start from a certain point and end to another point, but at least to be one after the other, as they have been traced .

Thank you in advance for any feedback.

Best Regards,


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