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Failed to Delete Related part objects for composite object

04-11-2022 06:17 AM
by Anonymous User
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I've had a process in place scheduled to run to update our legacy SDE feature class from the new Fabric Feature Class (thanks in large part to support and feedback I have received through this community) and for some reason starting 4 days ago the process started failing with the following error:

ERROR 160082: Failed to delete related part objects for composite object

and as a result the script doesn't complete.

Any thoughts?

I checked and confirmed that there are a couple of relationship classes between anno and the parcels feature class but they were there when the script was executing successfully so I'm not sure why it started failing 4 days ago.

Help is greatly apprecaited.

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by Anonymous User
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FWIW this was an automated process that in order to run effectively I had to unregister the feature dataset as versioned that the parcels feature class was in, then I moved them out of the feature dataset.  From that point on the update process worked effectively.  

A week or so later I had a user who was unable to perform versioned edits on one of the other feature classes that were in the feature dataset.. So I reregistered the feature dataset as versioned and restored her editing environment. 

I guess since the feature linked annotation was still in the feature dataset it got reregistered as versioned and even though the parcel feature class is outside the dataset it still tries to delete the related anno which is now registered..

Fun times!

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