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Export polygon with fill colors to CAD

12-18-2017 04:49 AM
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I am facing problem while converting polygon with fill to cad.i have added cad fields and colors but it is only show polygon boundary but no fill.something related to polyline and polygon in cad.I have also checked my polygons are closed.

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I have added these fields for point and polygon conversion.I have prepared the template seed file using block for point.Point conversion is working fine.

"CadType"="Insert"      (For point symbology)




"RefName"="My block name" from template



For polygon fill i am missing something...what will be parameters  "CadType" etc? or what changes i have to make in seed file??

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Did you manage to do this? If you did, please let me know too.

However, QGIS allows you to export your polygons with fill and transparency as well as labels. Of course, you would then need to redo your styles/labels etc. in QGIS again, but that is not difficult.

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Do we have an answer for this question?



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