exceltoTable_conversion error 99999

11-28-2016 01:06 AM
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It's curious... When I run a a python script with the excelToTable_conversion it throws me an 99999 error. Even using a very simple excel with just 2 text columns.  But when I use the tool from the arctoolbox taking the same source an destination it fails with this error...

ArcGis version 10.3

Thanks in advance!!!

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Did you install 2007 Office System Driver: Data Connectivity Components? If not, then close all ArcGIS Desktop applications, install the above component and try again.

Also take care of the file name and path name of the excel sheet (No space or special characters in path/file name except underscore).

Could you attach a screenshot of the tool with the all parameters filled or maybe  your code.

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Thanks for your comments. I've found out the problem.. the target folder I was typing down was a SDE.tabletarget , and the correct destinatino should be DBO.tabletarget....  That was the reason of the exception.. 



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