Determine highest number in Feature class and check against table

06-13-2017 01:20 PM
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Not sure where to begin on this one, so a little direction would help...... Thank You in advance

I am looking for a geoprocessing tool to evaluate several fields and feature classes and determine whether or not the same number is a match in a table. The attachment is a good illustration of what needs to happen and any tools should report a match or no match or Null. Unfortunately all the fields are text.

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I notice that SEQCOUNTER is a number while FACILITYID has a single letter prefix. This process might be different depending on if this is part of a larger Python script workflow or just a single task. As part of a larger process, maybe use cursors with dictionaries/lists to read, compare, and join the data. As a single task, you could create a new SEQCOUNTER field in each feature class and calculate it without the prefix letter to serve as a join field with the table. Join each feature class to the table on SEQCOUNTER . Note that you'll get duplicates in the table when joining if SEQCOUNTER is not unique in a feature class.