DescribeData: Method spatialReference does not exist

09-05-2011 08:13 PM
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I encountered this problem running a Python script and the only related thread states the solution is running 'Describe' rather than 'DescibeData'.  The problem is then resolved but as a work around rather than a solution.  However it is stated specifically that 'Describe' was being used in the first place.

I am encountering the same problem and am definitely using 'Describe' also.  Specifically

desc = arcpy.Describe('C:\\image.ers\\Band_1')
datum = desc.spatialReference.datumName
cellSizeVal = desc.meanCellWidth

The reason I am using Band_1 is that the Mean Cell Width method only works on some of the data when I specify this.  Otherwise the error "DescribeData: Method meanCellWidth does not exist" occurs.  Once again this is a reference to 'DescribeData' when using 'Describe'.  On the other hand sometimes 'Band_1' does not exist for DEM files.  I would have thought this referenced only a single band with a default of Band_1 for us people out here in user land.  Should I remove 'Band_1' from the Describe input then I get the same "DescribeData: Method spatialReference does not exist" error again.

In addition to this I also get nothing as a value in some cases when I run the 'desc.spatialReference.datumName' method and it does not produce an IOError.  While this is a legitimate failure of a user to assign a coordinate system in some cases in others the data is found easily in ArcCatalog.
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I'm encountering the same problem as described above, any ideas?

I've been using 10.1 sp1 for a while and the script tool which started throwing this error recently (it has worked without problems several times in the recent past)...DescribeData Method spatialReference does not exist

I don't use DescribeData anywhere, just spatial_ref=arcpy.Describe(ras).spatialReference

thanks for any help/suggestions.

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I just ended all of my arcmap processes in task manager, then reopened and ran the script and now it works fine again...perhaps some strange locking behavior effecting arcpy?
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I've run into the same issue as described here: Describe Data: Method spatialReference Does Not Exist.

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