Data Driven Pages legend doesn't update properly when exported using ArcPy

07-12-2017 06:44 PM
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Hi, I'm developing an ArcPy script to export map series to PDF.

The requirement is to have two different map extents on one page (odd and even extent from the same series) together with a dynamic legend:

Map structure

2 panel maps are exported based on script (script is changing extent on every page, I have 50+ pages). I have issue with legend as these needs to be combined legend of those two maps, only showing features which appear on panel A and panel B for the page extent. I have managed that by combining map series polygons (new shapefile) for panel A and panel B and drive it by Data Driven Pages for the map. This data frame is clip to data driven page extent so it should only show what it is on maps for map 1 and map 2 on the first page, and then change for map 3 and map 4 on second page:


It doesn’t update legend properly when I am exporting it from script, but it does update legend properly, when I export from ArcGIS GUI (file/export), but in that case main map is static, which is wrong and was the reason to script it.

I'm using ArcGIS desktop 10.3

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