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createmobilemap failing to find map after second run

04-07-2023 05:54 AM
New Contributor III

Screenshot 2023-04-07 at 7.50.05 AM.pngAfter the second run of my script or an iteration to make a second map, I am getting this error. I have a read out of the maps in Messages right before this error and the map is there.

Has anyone ever seen this?


                        exportfile = os.path.join(root, dirname, mapexportshort + "_test" + Versionnumber + ".mmpk" )                      
              , exportfile, Compositeloc, None, clipbyhillshade, "CLIP", "Map", Versionnumber, '', '', '', '', "STANDARD", "DISABLE_MAP_EXPIRATION", "ALLOW_TO_OPEN", None, "This map is expired.  Contact the map publisher for an updated map.", "KEEP_ALL_RELATED_ROWS", "INCLUDE_SERVICE_LAYERS")  
                        arcpy.AddMessage("-Map Export Complete")
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What does the rest of your code look like?

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