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02-22-2021 02:32 AM
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Hi all, is it possible to create a new map using arcpy?

My script creates a new raster layer I need to display in a new map.

I thought maybe something like: newmap = arcpy.cim.CreateCIMObjectFromClassName('CIMMap','V2'), this doesn't error but it also doesn't make a new map...


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The short answer is no, or at least, not without some serious workarounds.

There's an open Idea that requests this shortcoming be addressed, so you might want to give it an upvote. It does look like one comment gives a working solution, but it's quite a lot just to get this to work.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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The workaround I'm using for this for my use case is to create a project template in Pro. Then using arcpy I can extract the project template to a new location on the network as a "new project". It works for me, not sure if it would work for your use case.

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