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Create buffer and transform polygone to line feature via Python script

01-09-2023 06:20 AM
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Hello everyone,

I tried to find something similar but without success. 

So here is what should be achieved. 


The main goal is to get line (or polygon part) where buffer zone (60m) top part (perpendicular line) is intersecting with forest polygon. But for example where is no forests around, I dont need line to be created. Is this somehow achieveable? Maybe you can help me with this, I dont know, maybe there is topic about buffers, interescted lines, and ifs to be created via Python? This can be done with arcpy or cursor?

Added a test.gdb with test polygons and lines to play with. 


Thanks to everyone! 

Never stop learning
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HI Rookie.  Could you label the figure?  I can't match your description to the image.  For instance what are the red, blue and dashed grey lines and what is the buffer?  Why did you shade half of the forest and what is the dashed line delineating?  I will say, QGIS Expressions have a ton of geoprocessing capabilities in terms of solving custom geometry calculations.  I imagine arcpy does too, but if you can't find the particular building blocks to get say a perpendicular line to a boundary in arcpy, I would suggest exploring QGIS Expressions.

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I too am having a hard time wrapping my head around your question. It is not clear to me what is needed....

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