Convert section footage calls to lat long coordinates

01-18-2018 02:23 PM
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Work in the Oil & Gas industry which often uses footage calls from section lines to identify locations (300 from South section line & 250' from East section line).  The intersection of these two footage calls gives you the location (in XY).  I'm wondering if there is a way to automate this footage to XY using python?

Initial thought:

My section data consists of 4 surveyed points which connect to make a section boundary.  My initial thought is to calculate the slope of the North/South/East/West line created when connecting the dots, then creating a line with that same slope while adding the related footage call to each of the XY point coordinates. (Example 250' from east section line I would add 150' to the XY's to the NE,SE end points)...Then calculate the intersection.  Though I'm not sure where to begin in python.

Any thoughts/ideas are appreciated!

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given locations and offsets, and/or directions, lines and hence intersections can be readily constructed.

so perhaps your picture can help translate your world into mine

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Don't have a picture ready, but I'll try to paint you one.

Here's the data I have and the problem I'm trying to solve.  

Coordinate System:

NAD 27 UTM ft

Surveyed Section corners in X,Y coordinates

NW: X,Y; NE: X,Y; SW: X,Y; SE: X,Y

Target coordinates described in footage calls:

"two hundred feet from the north line (200' FNL), 6 hundred feet from the east line (600' FEL)

Problem: How to convert the footage calls to X,Y based on surveyed section grid.

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