Convert lat-long to WKT spatial reference?

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02-15-2016 02:34 PM
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Hello,  arcpy newbie here... sorry if I am asking a basic question.  I am looking for help on transforming lat/long decimal degrees to a different spatial reference, specifically a well-known-text (WKT) custom reference that we are using.

I have sent a street address to an address locator (findAddressCandidates) and it returns JSON back to me.  If the candidate score is near 100, then I parse the JSON to grab the lat/long.  That all works fine.  But, now I would like to use an insertCursor to add this point to my feature class.  I am unclear how I would convert a lat long to the custom spatial ref., WKT?

I have been trying many different things in the past few days but nothing works for me.  I have tried passing the WKT in the URL for the address locator.  It seems like the locator does not recognize the WKT and converts it to the default 4326 spatial reference (not what I want).

FYI.. this is the custom spatial reference that I am using:


Thanks, --Rick

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Thanks Dan/Randy.  I'll check out the code snippets, I'm sure one (or both) will work for me.

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