Convert 10.1 Addin to Python

08-29-2021 10:25 PM
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I am working with a client that had an add-in developed for ArcMap 10.1 and now they want to be able to migrate the tool to ArcGIS Pro.

Is there a way to convert the existing addin DLLs easily or is it a matter of starting from scratch in Python?




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what did the addin do?

If it was largely based on existing tools in arctoolbox replicating in python would be easy

If it not on the path that python covers, you might look at other options 

ArcGIS Pro SDK | Documentation 

for instance

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Thanks @DanPatterson that reference is very useful. In the main much of the functionality is normal tools i.e. split polygon but then it does a whole lot of attribute calculations based on the actions. I think with a bit of trial and error using the tools and the SDK will get the results needed. Cheers Dean

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