Clipping multiple shapefiles (polygon) to multiple (polygons)

04-25-2017 05:30 PM
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   What would be the best way to clip three shapefiles (polygons) to three other shapefiles. At this moment I have three different polygon shapefiles (veryHigh_merged_zone_solved.shp, high_merged_zone_solved.shp, and medium_merged_zone_solved.shp) and I want to clip each of one of these feature classes to other three single polygon shapefiles (sa1.shp,sa2.shp and sa3.shp).  My desired result will be having each zone shapefile clipped to each sa shapefile. For example sa1_eryHigh_merged_zone_solved.shp and so on...

   I have tried using a couple of for loops and listing feature classes. But, it not working. 

Any help will be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance



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Have you considered doing an Intersect of all six feature classes and doing selects and dissolves on the results? Seems to me that would be less complicated. (This would, however, require an ArcGIS Standard or Advanced license). If you only have ArcGIS Basic (ArcView), check your Dissolve call -- it is missing some arguments - check the help on that tool.

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