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09-24-2020 03:12 AM
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Hi everyone,

I am using ArcGIS Desktop 10.5. Is there a way to use data frame > clip to shape in arcpy, either for the whole dataframe or a single layer? I read the answer of a similar question in this forum, but it seems that the solution is exactly clip the data to a new shp. I don't want to make any change for the original data.

I need to control the placement of annotation within a extent?/polygon by maplex label engine. Where clip to shape of dataframe allow automation of this. Hope to get any alternative solution. Thanks

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Hello Irene, I don't think it is possible. But you can get extent from data frame Camera -> Get Extent then create new polygon with coordinate from extent and then intersect layer with the polygon. With this solution you will not break your layer, but you will work in a completely different one.

But maybe someone knows a better solution.

Have a nice day

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