Calculate field does not updated the table in Pro

01-26-2023 12:09 AM
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This is a very strange problem. It happened on some machines but not on others.

I build a tool base on python that calculate a field.

I have the table open in Pro.

When the tool have string parameter and I run it the table on the screen is updated automatically.

When the parameter is Feature Layer and I do not give a value (the parameter is optional) the table is updated.

When I select a layer as a parameter the tool works but it is not updated on the screen.

I could not find a way to show the new value. Even removing the layer from TOC and bring it back does not show the updated value.

Only closing the project and reopen show the new value.

The script does NOT use the parameter, everything is hardcoded.


Any idea?

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What happens if you refresh the parent folder/ geodatabase of these featureclasses (Not in TOC, but in the Catalog)?  Pro caches a lot, especially on networks.

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I think we did try this but I will check again.

The data are in enterprise geodatabase (Oracle).

Indeed pro uses caches a lot, this is good but we need somewhere a button that force reload. The refresh does not always do it. 

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Remove the layer from the TOC, refresh the database connection and load the layer again does not work.

Changing the cache layer properties not to use cache does not help.

It's Pro 2.9, we might try to install 3.0 just for testing (the organization did not upgrade yet).

The different between the machines that does not work to the others is that the developer machines does not work.

They has some development software as Visual Studio etc. 

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