Calculate a sequential number based on an interval WITH A STARTING POINT

10-08-2017 02:49 AM
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I have a question. I need to automatically populate a square net (208 squares 10x10m  with 100 smaller squares 1mx1m  inside each of them)  from 1-100. I found the code on ArcGIS Desktop help website: "Calculated Field examples" and on Technical support website How To: Create sequential numbers in a field using Python in the Field Calculator . The problem is that the code follows numbering of FID.

I need to populate my squares from the upper left corner (1), to the lower right corner (100), when my FID goes from the lower left corner to the upper left corner (I've made small squares with automatic the fish net).
Is there anyway that I can add to the code a starting point?

Or should I re-do the fish net and write somewhere there that FID should start from the upper left corner? (I would prefer to avoid that, as I would have to re-do some other attributes that I had already filed).

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redo the fishnet then do a spatial join of the old one to the correct one and save the result, would be quicker.

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