Broken Feature-Linked Annoation after Updaing Feature Global Id

05-17-2023 07:37 PM
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I have a point feature class A and a feature-linked annotation class B. Now, I wants to re-link some annotations in B to some other features in A. I have made a python script to update the field 'FeatureGlobalId' in B. The field 'FeatureGlobalId' is updated after running python but the linkage of annotations is broken. Anyone have ideas?

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I think the updates are triggered if you edit A.

From the docs: If you need to update the text for feature-linked annotation, update the attributes of the origin feature (for example, the attributes of the line the annotation is linked to) from which the annotation is derived. When you do that, the updates are reflected immediately in the annotation feature's text.

Maybe approach the task by editing the A table's attributes for the changes you want to make?

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