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Blind SQL injection for Geoprocessing service using arcpy.da.SearchCursor

10-03-2018 06:02 AM
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I would like to know if a geoprocessing service that is using arcpy.da.SearchCursor can be subject to blind SQL injection if the where_clause parameter of the SearchCursor is one of the service parameter.

Is there a possibility that injecting SQL in the where_clause parameter can affect the integrity of the source table especially by using the SLEEP() command?

Thank you

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Thank you for the link, that helps a lot.

I read:

Standardized queries are applied to the entire ArcGIS Server site; they cannot be enabled for some services and disabled for others.

So if it's turned on on the server, standardized queries are being used for the where_clause in a arcpy.da.SearchCursor in a Geoprocessing Service right?

That do not just applied to standardized queries of MapServices right?

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