Better process to undoing arcpy.da.Editor changes?

10-10-2019 10:33 AM
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This is a continuing question to another I asked recently.

I have a toolbox that is being used to update versioned data using arcpy.da.Editor using a user-provided database connection which points to their version. When the script has completed successfully, the user would then review the changes made by the toolbox to ensure it had the intended effect (manual QA/QC).

The issue is that if the changes were not correct, the user would then have to delete their used version to drop the implicitly, reconciled information stored upon the completion of the arcpy.da.Editor edit session. The other issue is that in the past, deleting a version, then recreating it with the same name seems to re-point the new version to the deleted version (I need to test this part more).

Is there a better process behind undoing a versioned edit session than deleting the version used?

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