Atributes auto-filling dilema

05-17-2017 05:32 AM
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First of all I wana say that this is my first post on the esri forum, and I might not post on the right place, if so, could someone be so kind and tell me where should I post it?

For my curent project I have 2 feature classes and I need to determine if polygons in the first feature are covered by the second , if they are not , or if they are partialy covered  and fill a field(in atributes table) that has 3 integers. How can I do this without manualy checking for each one?

So far Ive scrached the basics of field calculator, but without any luck of resolving this dilema.
Well, Thank you verry much for your time.

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Check out the different methods available to a geometry object in ArcPy for some options.

Geometry—Help | ArcGIS Desktop 

Maybe also check out Tabulate Intersection.

You could then use an Update Cursor to edit the attributes.

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Sadly I have yet 2 find out how to do it (I hope I will get enought time in the near future to dig into this)
In the mean while (for thouse who are searching for something similar) I do the following:

1. Polygons from the first Layer that intersect with the second Layer

"Selection" -> "Select by Location" -> Selection method - "Select features from " - Target layer(s) -> [the layer that needs to be edited] -> Source layer - [the second layer that restricts the selection] -> Spatial selection method for target layer feature(s) - "intersect the source layer feature"

The Im going to field calculator and just say that the selected polygons are mixt  and select the intenger for that , in my case Im typing "Int ( 1 )"

2. For the polygons outside second Layer range, I just reverse the selection(Swich Selection button)  on Attribute Table and type the option for that "Int ( 2 )"

3.Polygons strictly inside the second layer I go back to "Selection by Location"  and instead of "intersect the cource layer feature" Im going with "are completely withing the source layer feature" .

I hope I will find a faster way within the next 4-5 weeks...

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