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04-20-2023 08:12 PM
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I want to create an App using ArcGIS.  The user will give input through on the map for instance by selecting coordinates by clicking on map , input sliders or forms filling. Based on these inputs another software will run power system analysis and output will be displayed back on the map. 

How can we make it possible. Arc py would be helpful or we should use SDK, ArcGIS web app developer? 

Can anyone please help and advise? 


Thank you


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"form filling" ...  not arcpy, maybe another option

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by Anonymous User
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Hard to say which would be better for your purpose, but you'll want the SDK (Corehost) or Javascript API as the map point drop data to retrieve the data for sliders and other stuff...

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To me that sounds like a web app. I'd be inclined to use React and the Javascript 4 API.

If you want to use Python instead of Javascript then you'd work with the Python API not Arcpy. Personally I work more in this world, with Flask for web services, because I use Python all day long.

But as soon as you want to use web controls (maps, slider, buttons etc) it gets easier to use Javascript.


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Thank you !

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