Arcpy Search Cursor Looping through columns to search for specific values

11-04-2021 12:17 PM
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I am comparing the data in Two shape File Ex: Existing.Shp and UpdatedRecently.shp. Existing.shp files has 3110 Records and Updated.shp has 410 records total and 110 duplicated records from Existing.shp. Logic: Location and Date Field was taken using SearchCursor and parsing in Updated.shp for finding and removing Duplicate records[110 Records].The remaining 300 records has to added in Existing.shp file.


Error: For Loop- It's not resetting to First Row.In the debug session. The last record is retained in the Loop


for Kilroy in Trows://Last record of For loop first execution Retained
if tdy == Kilroy[4]:
print("Inner Else")


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A few of suggestions before going any further.  First; it's your best interest to leave shapefiles behind and use file geodatabase feature classes instead. Second; provide the rest of you code, as the little snippet provided isn't enough to grasp the situation. Third; be sure you are using the arcpy.da.SearchCursor and not the old style cursors.

That should just about do it....