arcpy.da cursors and layer definition query

04-08-2013 04:04 AM
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In my mxd I found that if I ran an arcpy.da search cursor with a where clause on a layer that had a definition query applied to it, that the where clause would not be honored. Anybody else have this problem?

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How do you know that you referenced the layer and not the underlying featureclass? If they have the same name (they do by default) then it might not be clear.
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I'm having the same problem.  Someone reported the bug on May 8 (NIM-091487), but there is no information regarding when/if it will be fixed.

Simple workaround:
Include the layer's definition query in the cursor's "where clause" and refer to the layer.dataSource instead of the layer itself when creating the cursor.  For example:

This doesn't work:
MRDroutelogEvents.definitionQuery = "\"TWN_TID\" = '%s'" %twnlr
ghost_query = "\"SR_CATEG\" = 'GHOST'" %twnlr
ghost_points = sorted([item[0] for item in (arcpy.da.SearchCursor(MRDroutelogEvents, ["SR_CATEG"], ghost_query))])

This does work:
ghost_query = "\"TWN_TID\" = '%s' AND \"SR_CATEG\" = 'GHOST'" %twnlr
ghost_points = sorted([item[0] for item in (arcpy.da.SearchCursor(MRDroutelogEvents.dataSource, ["SR_CATEG"], ghost_query))]) #(doesn't matter if there is a definition query on MRDroutelogEvents or not)
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Yes, I logged the following bug:

NIM091487: The "where clause" in data access cursors is not respected if there is a definition query with more than one argument (complex expression).

There is unfortunately no indication on when this issue will be addressed. If you log a support ticket and create an incident, we can get you attached to the bug and you can track it on your customer care portal.
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