arcpy append or copy feature class with attachments

05-05-2016 12:29 PM
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Hello everyone,

When copying or appending a feature class with attachments into another feature that has also attachments does it copy the attachments?

Can it be done with Model Builder?.


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I am assuming that you tried it within a geodatabase and it didn't work, or didn't work as you expected, so you should really have a look at the An overview of the Attachments toolset—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop

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Same question as Jose really.

I have a (fgdb) feature class containing records with attachments which I want to merge with another feature class containing records. All I can establish is copying records but losing the attachments, 

Is there a how-to about this? I've read the link Mr Patterson mentioned above but I can't find a copy-paste or merge action.

At the moment i'm thinking along the lines of:

use a cursor to walk through the records in FC1

Detect if an attachment is present

if no attachment present, just copy the record to FC2

if an attachment is present, export the attachment (found this as a starter

copy the record to FC2

re-attach the attachment to the record in FC2 (using add attachment from Mr Pattersons link above)

Any thoughts are appreciated, when successfull I'll keep you posted. (When desparate, I'll keep you posted as well ;-))


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This function is available in arcGIS desktop 10.5 and Pro. If you are not on that version have a look at the thread On this site

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It is only available with the Standard and Advanced licenses as pointed out in my link... that could be the issue

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