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Arcpy access to Table Export function for a chart either in APRX or in script

05-31-2022 11:59 AM
Occasional Contributor

I have a ArcGIS pro 2.9.1 project where I am trying to use the chart functionality to help build a layout. I use the Bar chart with sum aggretation to calculate the sum of values by a category.  I then use the Export to Table option from the chart widget to save the summed data to a table, then add the table into the project and use that table to drive dynamic text in a layout.
The issue I am having is the the basic data changes daily, sometimes twice daily. I would like to automate the process. However, in the arcpy.Charts module I do not see any functionality to export the table.  I see the export to SVG option.
Does anyone know if there is a function in the Charts module to export the aggregated data driving a Bar chart?

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