Accessing Symbology Class Values for Reclassify Tool

01-25-2021 06:59 AM
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I'm currently attempting to convert the 'Reclassify' tool in ArcGIS to a stand-alone Python script. However, the issue I've run into is that each image will have different Band Values. 

Is there any way for me to access the values from the included image? 

This would be so that I can setup a check and have values '0.0 to 0.375' go to one class and the rest go to another class. I'm just not sure how to access these values from the symbology.


If there's a different way to just grab the first 3 values, that would also be nice. I'm open to ideas. 




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The only place you are likely to find anything remotely useable is in...

Python CIM access—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

There are classes and functions there like the

GraduatedColorsRenderer—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation


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