000732; Py 3.6.10x64. Clip_Analysis ; Does not exist or is not supported.

02-04-2021 03:23 PM
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Dear Readers,

good afternoon. 

 I am using ArcPy 3.6.10 from ArcGIS Pro.  We are creating an intersection of a national layer from a SDE 'e:\\Idea\\Connections\\xxmartspatial.sde\\xxmartspatial.BASE.MY_LAND_UNIT' against a state feature 'e:\\IDEAData\\Extracts\\Work\\IDEAMapIT_10.gdb\\_DE_'   (currently DE)  in a file geodatabase and writing the result to the same file geodatabase: 'e:\\IDEAData\\Extracts\\Work\\IDEAMapIT_10.gdb\\MY_LAND_UNIT' 

ExecuteError('Failed to execute. Parameters are not valid.\n

ERROR 000732: Input Features:

Dataset e:\\Idea\\Connections\\xxmartspatial.sde\\xxmartspatial.BASE.MY_LAND_UNIT does not exist or is not supported\nFailed to execute (Clip).\n',)

The connection to SDE for reading national layer is a superior user than the app user - once i get this code to work, I will degrade the SDE connection user.

i verified the spelling cases for sde connection and all we are doing is a read- but the user has superior permissions on the SDE.

arcpy.Clip_analysis(InputPLUFCFullName, TempStateFCFullName, OutputPLUFCFullName, "0.01 Meters")

'e:\\Idea\\Connections\\xxmartspatial.sde\\xxmartspatial.BASE.MY_LAND_UNIT' - #SDE input PLU FC FullName

'e:\\IDEAData\\Extracts\\Work\\IDEAMapIT_10.gdb\\_DE_'  #Temp State 


'0.01 Meters'

Any direction would be of great help.

thanks and regards

ravi kaushika.


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Try running the clip analysis tool from the toolbox, and then go into the geoprocessing history and export its results to Python to compare with your script.

That might have better clues to what is going on.
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Hi @Ravichandran_M_Kaushika ,

I agree with @Anonymous User.
That should give you an idea as to what is going on.

If you can post your script it would also help us to help you troubleshoot the issue.



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If the script snippet from the toolbox doesn't work (it didn't for me) are you going to your SDE connection file?  I had to include that in my file path for my scripts to work.  The tool snippet would only give the drive letter, and I had to put in the full SDE connection path of my machine to get it to work, but yours might be setup differently.

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@Kara_Shindle , @Anonymous User  and @Anonymous User ,

good morning. thank you for the info. i will try the Arc Catalog idea and post the results. I have the .sde file as with the full path in the 1st input as shown in the python script.

another idea I am thinking is to copy state layer from my xxSpatialMart database to  intersect using SQL Server's STIntersect () .

I will keep all of you updated. thank you for your support.




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On Friday, after internal discussions with our team, I am exploring the option of doing the clip on the sql server using the following sql:

select --top 10000
myT.* from base.my_LAND_Table myT ,
ideamartspatial.base.STATES_A_UST as states
where states.FIPS_C='01' and states.shape.STIntersects(myT.SHAPE) = 1

I will post the results of the original question very soon.  the Clip_management should return 200K+ small polygons (small as in less than 100+ acres).


thanks and regards


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