Spyder.... for coding with Python

12-12-2018 08:31 PM
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Recently stumbled upon…          Using conda in spyder

I will just leave this as a thought.  It is one of those IPython %magic things

Update...       Spyder 3.3.6 is out  2019-07-16

Battle cry.... Install Spyder, Jupyter console and Jupyter notebook for ArcGIS Pro by default 

                      Make it so.... now on to the content

 Spyder... install once, use in multiple environments New... 2018-08-30

Table of contents:  (use browser back to return here)

:--------- Latest Version

    Version 3.3.6: installed 2019-07-16

    Use proenv.bat and just ran..... conda update spyder

:--------- Installing Spyder in ArcGIS Pro



:--------- Some other links

Script documenting ... It is all in the docs - links to spyder help pane for user-created help.

Spyder on GitHub ... If you want to keep abreast of issues and/or enhancement requests

Spyder Documentation …. On GitHub or Spyder Documentation

Spyder-notebook ... Jupyter notebook inside Spyder...

Spyder in pictures

:---- The Icon 

:----- The whole interface

... which can be arranged to suit

:---- Keep track of project files

:---- Need a little help?

:---- Fancy documentation with minimal effort

:---- Help for IPython?

:---- Help for other Modules?

:---- Check out your variables

:---- Some graphs? 

Yes from within Spyder, you can use Matplotlib or any other installed graphics pack (ie seaborn, orange etc)

:---- See your scripts in outline mode,

Quickly navigate within them like a table of contents or use outline to get a basic shell listing of your script

The trick to outline is to use # ---- Your comment here   4 dashes seems to be the key for some reason

:---- Don't like something? 

Change it

: ----  Set Spyder as your IDE for PRO

: ---- Fear not...

You can even pretty up the interface


More later

: --------

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which version of spyder are you running ?

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EDIT 2018-08-01  Spyder is now at 3.3

 with python 3.6.4 (see small print)

Showing is the Project explorer, so you can organize your code on a Project basis.

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I'm starting with PYTHON for ArcGISPro and read the documentation. Until now i used pyscripter as an IDE for AG 10x and I would like to continue to do that. However this can't be used for AG Pro.

I'm looking for a separate IDE for AG Pro. Help refered to PyCharm. Your post refers to Spyder.

What is your experience to work with different IDe for AG Pro (PSyder) and AG 10X (Pyscripter)?  

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I have used many IDEs, I now use Spyder since it is part of the Anaconda distribution and tightly integrated with it and NumPy, Scipy and Matplotlib to name a few.

You can also install and use IPython and Jupyter notebooks from the same distribution.

For scientific programming and/or project-based programming, Spyder offers a lot and I find it equal to or better than any of the other Py**** IDEs (I have even installed pythonwin for those nostalgic days )  Check my blog, I have a few other links on spyder etc

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Thanks. you convinced me.  I will check your blog for more info. 

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Spyder 3.3 is out.  Conda install into either your clone or the base environment.

No issues with

Python 3.6.8 64-bit | Qt 5.9.6 | PyQt5 5.9.2 | Windows 10

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I have installed Spyder using the Pro Package Manager on a clone of the default environment. However, when I open Spyder to write code, I find that I am not getting code completion. I have been able to write some arcpy lines and run successfully, so it seems to 'understand' arcpy, but I need that code completion! What am I missing? Is the fact that my cloned environment is kept in my user/AppData/Local.....etc folder (rather than my ArcGIS Pro install location) a problem? 

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You will have to go into the Tools, Preferences and Editor … there is code completion toggles there. 

If you have these toggled on, then you have a bad install.

PS, that is a really bad place to put a clone spaces, Users, and other name fluff that can break things

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did find another one of your other blogs after that and reinstalled Pro in a better folder path. All up and running now. Thank you! 

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