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08-22-2023 02:04 PM
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As of 2023-08-22 

From Microsoft is bringing Python to Excel (


“You can manipulate and explore data in Excel using Python plots and libraries, and then use Excel’s formulas, charts and PivotTables to further refine your insights,” explains Stefan Kinnestrand, general manager of modern work at Microsoft. “Now you can do advanced data analysis in the familiar Excel environment by accessing Python directly from the Excel ribbon.”

And from Guido...

“I’m excited that this excellent, tight integration of Python and Excel is now seeing the light of day,” says Guido van Rossum, Python’s creator and now a Microsoft distinguished engineer. “I expect that both communities will find interesting new uses in this collaboration, amplifying each partner’s abilities. When I joined Microsoft three years ago, I would not have dreamed this would be possible.”

putting a new light on working with Excel in ArcGIS Pro 😂

Introducing Python in Excel: The Best of Both Worlds for Data Analysis and Visualization - Microsoft...

from Microsoft itself

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